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Choosing the right real estate agent

Sure, it may seem like it, but the truth is, not all real estate agents are alike.

That’s true in any profession, right? That’s why we have numerous websites containing reviews of companies and professionals.

While there are anywhere from 360 to 450 NBA players during any given season, only a handful become household names. Typically, 70 professional golfers make the PGA Tournament cut but there’s only one Jack Nicklaus. The Screen Actors Guild’s membership roster contains more than 100,000 performers yet few of them have the Oscar statuette on their fireplace mantles.

It’s a combination of dedication and passion that you’ll need to look for in an agent, as well as a few other items:

  • Ask for references – You’ll need contact information for the agent’s former clients. Then, call them and ask them about their experience working with the agent.
  • Are they familiar with and knowledgeable about the area(s) of town in which you are interested in buying a home?
  • How flexible is the agent’s schedule? In fast-moving markets when you need to move quickly, you need an agent who is responsive and flexible.
  • Ask the agent for examples of how his or her negotiating skills clinched the deal for the client.

Look for a real estate team that has the experience, passion and dedication to exceed your expectations. We hope you’ll agree that the ArignaTeam is the team for you.

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