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Introducing Amit Singh

Work with Amit Singh and you’ll not only get one of Silicon Valley’s best real estate agents but, perhaps, a geography lesson as well. It’s hard to pinpoint what part of the world he hails from just by looking at him, so it’s a common question among those he meets. For the record, Amit was born in Nepal.

“When I tell people where I’m from,” he explains, “at first they act confused. So, I ask them ‘have you ever heard of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world? That mountain is in Nepal,’” he continues, chuckling.

Amit comes from a family of sons – three boys – of which he is the youngest. Growing up in Kathmandu Valley, his childhood doesn’t sound that different from those of American kids. During school holidays the family would travel to the rural areas of Nepal where the boys would fish, swim and have a blast while Dad worked on his latest project (an engineer by trade).

Amit’s parents had high hopes for their youngest son, urging him to become an engineer, like Dad, or go into medicine. He, on the other hand, had other dreams: the detective. Amit dreamt of becoming an investigator. Lucky for us he didn’t, otherwise Silicon Valley wouldn’t have one of its best and brightest real estate agents.

The Hop Across the Pond

In 2001, Singh made a huge decision to leave Nepal to join one of his brothers in the United States. Here, he hoped to continue his education.

“I always thought that the U.S. would look like what I saw in Hollywood movies,” he explains. “You know, with skyscrapers everywhere. My brother lived in Palo Alto, which is nothing like what I had imagined. I was rather disappointed. I guess I thought it would be like New York City,” he continues, grinning. “Now? I am So glad that Palo Alto isn’t a huge metropolis. I absolutely love it here.”

It’s interesting to learn how folks who have never been to our country envision it so we asked Amit to tell us more. “The U.S. is a superpower so I assumed that everyone here worked and had money so when I saw the homeless on the streets and people panhandling, I was caught off guard,” he begins.

What surprised him the most about American culture, however, didn’t happen until he began college. “When we received our grades, students would actually challenge the instructor over low grades. That just doesn’t happen in Nepal.”

We mentioned that Amit arrived in the U.S. in 2001, but what we didn’t mention is that he arrived during the first week of September – days before the 9/11 attacks. “I still vividly remember watching TV in my brother’s living room and witnessing the Twin Towers come crashing down. I was as horrified and shocked as everyone else and I couldn’t imagine how anyone could do this to a country I had already fallen in love with. I still can’t believe it,” he concludes, shaking his head.

So, why choose Amit Singh to Help you Buy or Sell a Home in Silicon Valley?

Talk to Amit about real estate for even a few minutes and you’ll understand why you shouldn’t work with anyone else. His enthusiasm for the process is contagious, his business acumen is proven (he majored in business administration) and his confidence is beyond admirable.

In fact, he is so confident that he offers Buyer and Seller Performance Guarantees. Unlike other agents in town, Singh isn’t worried that you’ll be displeased with his service, knowledge, and experience. If for any reason you are, let him know and he’ll cancel your agreement to work with him. No questions asked. And, no hard feelings.

Most of all, Amit Singh has a set of values that are hard to come by today. He believes in old-fashioned values — ethics, honesty, reliability and treating others with dignity and respect.

We need that in our world, don’t you agree?

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